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  Our co-op is different than any other.
  No pre-made boxes, no pickup 
  times... just what you want, when 
  you want it! And you can get more
  than just produce. Use your co-op 
  account for anything we sell through
  season end (October 31).



  Summer and Fall Produce  

  Sweet corn, tomatoes, epplant,
  peppers, apples, melons, fall 
  squash and more are coming in

  Great selection of mums and
  perennial flowers

  Wide array of landscaping
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About Sansone's Farm Market

Sansone's has been owned and operated by the Sansone family since 1914. We are committed to serving our loyal customers, many of whom we have known for generations, and to attracting new customers to join our family. Be sure to visit us on Facebook, where we constantly post pictures and updates!

The field at Sansone's in July 2011

Currently in our third generation, the farm is operated by Jim Sansone, Jr. We are open from just before Easter through the end of October, and from the weekend after Thanksgiving through Christmas.  We carry a large selection of produce, flowers and seasonal items, but we are known for our flavorful heirloom tomatoes and sweet corn, our interesting array of home grown vegetables such as exotic eggplant and dozens of varieties of tomatoes, and the quality and originaity of our custom designed pieces (planters and hanging baskets in the spring and wreaths, boxwood trees and centerpieces in our Christmas shop). 

We also provide many services for residential and commercial customers, including lanscaping, snow removal and much more.

Please contact us for more information about any of our products or services.