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  you want it! And you can get more
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  Monday-Saturday 9-6
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  Wide array of landscaping
  services available. Call to
  schedule your fall cleanup!

  •   Weeding
  •   Mulching
  •   Planting trees, shrubs, 
      annuals and perennials
  •   Paver and blue stone
      walkways and patios
  •   Stone walls
  •   Concrete pads for buildings
  •   Concrete driveways
  •   Sidewalk lifts
  •   Field mowing
  •   Hedge row clearing/cleaning

  Call 609-466-1323 to schedule 

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It is hard to imagine anything as wonderfully festive as bright decorative pumpkins (that will make delicious pie come November), towering cornstalks, an interesting cornucopia of gourds, and hearty cabbage and kale or chrysanthemums in full bloom.  

Click the image to view our fall photo album

We have all this and more at Sansone's in the autumn months. As the days turn cooler, you will begin to see the transformation of our market to the colors of fall. We offer a gorgeous variety of mums and purple or green cabbage and kale, the essential stalks and hay bales, pumpkins ranging from just bigger than a coin to over 120 pounds each, Indian corn, and endless baskets of sugar pumpkins and gourds, including conversation pieces like apple gourds, dinosaur gourds and goose gourds. 

Along with these decorative seasonal items comes a new crop of vegetables and fruits including broccoli, cauliflower, kale, long lasting winter squash (acorn, butternut, buttercup, carnival & more), our best-selling pole lima beans and almost a dozen different kinds of apples. This is a great time to come get enough corn and lima beans to freeze to get you through the winter. You can also stock up on jams, apple or pumpkin butter and honey from our own honeybees so you'll have a treat to look forward to at every meal.