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  Our co-op is different than any other.
  No pre-made boxes, no pickup 
  times... just what you want, when 
  you want it! And you can get more
  than just produce. Use your co-op 
  account for anything we sell through
  season end (October 31).




  Produce is in!  

  Monday-Saturday 9-6
  Sunday 9-5

  Wide array of landscaping
  services available:

  •   Weeding
  •   Mulching
  •   Planting trees, shrubs, 
      annuals and perennials
  •   Paver and blue stone
      walkways and patios
  •   Stone walls
  •   Concrete pads for buildings
  •   Concrete driveways
  •   Sidewalk lifts
  •   Field mowing
  •   Hedge row clearing/cleaning

  Call 609-466-1323 to schedule 

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We provide the following services for residential and commercial customers:  

  • Snow removal - Click to download release form
  • Landcaping (design and installation) 
  • Weeding and mulching 
  • Mulch and top soil delivery
  • Bulldozer and backhoe services 
  • Field and fence row clearing
  • Vehicle/equipment storage on our grounds  

Landscape Design & Installation

Is your landscape out of control with weeds? Do you need some ideas for improving the look of your gardens? Would you like to add an extra punch of color?

We can help you design a garden of colorful annual and perennial plants that's suitable for the growing conditions in your area. Here are a few examples of landscaping jobs we have completed for our customers. 

Give us a call at (609) 466-1323 to schedule a free consultation and estimate with Jim!