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  Our co-op is different than any other.
  No pre-made boxes, no pickup 
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  you want it! And you can get more
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  Summer and Fall Produce  

  Sweet corn, tomatoes, epplant,
  peppers, apples, melons, fall 
  squash and more are coming in

  Great selection of mums and
  perennial flowers

  Wide array of landscaping
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Spring is the most beautiful time of the year at Sansone's. Our greenhouses are full of life and our talented staff are designing gorgeous planters and displays at the market. We open the weekend before Easter, selling Easter bulbs and flowers, early pansies and seeds to get you started on your summer flower beds.

Click the picture to view our Spring photo album!

May is one of our busiest months, when our customers begin planting outside after the threat of frost has passed. We offer a stunning array of Proven Winners, annual flats, perennials, hanging baskets and much more for sun, share and everywhere in between. Mother's Day is a very popular time for flowers, especially our gorgeous custom designed planters, so please stop in to check our our Mother's Day weekend specials!

Springtime is also when we start planting crops in our fields for the summer bounty. Here is a video of Jim planting onions in the field, using his own invention get it just right. Check it out!