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  Our co-op is different than any other.
  No pre-made boxes, no pickup 
  times... just what you want, when 
  you want it! And you can get more
  than just produce. Use your co-op 
  account for anything we sell through
  season end (October 31).




  Produce is in!  

  Monday-Saturday 9-6
  Sunday 9-5

  Wide array of landscaping
  services available:

  •   Weeding
  •   Mulching
  •   Planting trees, shrubs, 
      annuals and perennials
  •   Paver and blue stone
      walkways and patios
  •   Stone walls
  •   Concrete pads for buildings
  •   Concrete driveways
  •   Sidewalk lifts
  •   Field mowing
  •   Hedge row clearing/cleaning

  Call 609-466-1323 to schedule 

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  updates and of course lots of
  great photos!   





Customer Testimonials

“My husband and I stumbled upon your place due to a detour on Rt. 579. What a find! Your corn was amazing - the best we've had in a long time – so sweet. Your tomatoes tasted like a true summer tomato should taste like - loaded with flavor…We live in Philadelphia - but might consider moving to Hopewell!”
- Brenda, Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for the wonderful and amazing food that you have helped us to put on our table.  It has been absolutely fantastic and look forward to many more years of food Co-Op!” 

“Thank you for your help and patience in choosing the lovely hanging baskets I purchased. Needless to say, they look stunning as they adorn the entrance to our home and give it the wow factor I was looking for. Also...the micro greens were terrific… and the sugar peas and chard will complement our meal this evening. Please save us some of those delicious jams and butters as we will be back very soon.”
- Stephen and Cheriann, Jackson, NJ

“I am a member of your co-op and am looking forward to a great rest of the year buying from you. Bless you for doing something that is really RIGHT with our world.” 
- Sharon, Hopewell, NJ

"Jim grows the sweetest watermelon I have EVER tasted!  When I cut open the melon my husband can smell the sweet watermelon scent halfway across the kitchen!  I have never eaten so much watermelon during a summer season before in my life!"

"Shopping at Sansone's Farm Market is like taking a trip back in time to "days gone by" when you not only got the food you were shopping for but you left with a smile on your face and some extra knowledge in your head.  Each time I visit the farm market I learn something (from other customers or from Jim or from one of the wonderful people working at the market) about preparing the produce I just purchased or about keeping pests out of gardens or some other really useful bit of information.” 

"I feel like family when I'm visiting the farm market.  There's always a smile and a laugh to be shared."

"I was practically raised on Sansone's sweet corn.  My mom always stopped and brought home a few ears each day during corn season and now I'm continuing that tradition.  There is no argument... Sansone's sweet corn is THE BEST in New Jersey!"
- Regina, Hopewell, NJ

"When I lived in New Jersey, I went to Sansone's nearly every weekend in the summer! I would get there early and wait for the corn to be picked. Then in the fall, my girls clamored for the apple cider!" 
- Donna, Timberlake, NC

"Nothing beats Jersey corn and tomatoes... especially from Sansone's Farm Market! Florida can't match it by a long run!" 
 - Vicki, Jupiter, FL

"In this era of chain stores, it's refreshing to find a local business that not only provides a quality product but outstanding personal service…. The Sansone family is very warm and friendly, willing to help in any way they can."
- Heather, Trenton, NJ (from yelp.com)

"The Sansone's are a treasure. We drive over from Bucks County as often as possible."
- Donald, New Hope, PA (from yelp.com)

"Sansone's is on my way home from work and I've gotten wonderful produce from there twice.  The first time was about a month ago at the height of the heirloom tomato season. They had about a dozen different varieties and a plate with samples of the different kinds so you could try before you buy. The woman working there was so nice and helpful when I asked for a recommendation for a tomato to serve with pasta and olive oil. I've also had some of the best sweet corn of my life from Sansone's! Always a pleasure to buy delicious food from such nice people."
- Mo, Lambertville, NJ (from yelp.com)